I feed my dreams slime at night
Fabienne Levy, Lausanne and Geneva
16 March -13 May 2023

Fabienne Levy is thrilled to present for its first exhibition in Geneva new works by Swiss artist Vanessa Safavi. This exhibition will be held simultaneously in the two galleries in Lausanne and Geneva.

The pieces presented speak with both humour and gravity about the importance of our bodies and their shapes. Issues of gender, race and sexuality confront the established norms of physicality.

It is within this context that Vanessa challenges our preconceived notions of identity and body aesthetics. Her works can be provocative, sensual, abstract or simply disturbing. Overall, they are an invitation to reflect on our own identity and the way we see each other.

These works point out the reality of our own bodies, they remind us that they are much more than just physical vessels, they are also mirrors of our own history, culture and identity.