Humane Ecology: Eight Positions
Curated by Robert Wiesenberger
Clark Art Institute, Williamstown
15 July – 29 October 2023

Humane Ecology: Eight Positions features a group of contemporary artists who consider the intertwined natural and social dimensions of environmental questions: Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Carolina Caycedo, Allison Janae Hamilton, Juan Antonio Olivares, Christine Howard Sandoval, Pallavi Sen, and Kandis Williams. Not all of these artists exemplify “eco art,” in subject matter or materials, but all of them think in relational, ecological terms. The artists included here explore themes such as the extraction and exploitation of both places and people; the emancipatory potential of alliances with the more-than-human world; and ancient traditions of relation to the land that take on new urgency and form. The exhibition, which includes sculpture, sound installation, video, and plantings, is presented in outdoor and indoor spaces at the Clark, including both the Clark Center and Lunder Center at Stone Hill.

Humane Ecology: Eight Positions is organized by the Clark Art Institute and curated by Robert Wiesenberger, curator of contemporary projects. A catalogue by the same title accompanies the exhibition and is distributed by Yale University Press.