House of Dreamers
Curated by Anne-Laure Lestage
Boghossian Foundation – Villa Empain, Bruxelles
14 June – 1 October 2023

This summer, the Villa Empain returns to its intended use and invites the public on a journey to discover the artworks of several well-known and emerging artists in a space that once was a furnished home.

The title of the group exhibition House of Dreamers evokes a poetic stroll through the rooms of the Villa Empain. In the various rooms and salons, the pieces on show underline and explore the architectural qualities of the space and its use. The exhibition follows the pattern of a recomposed interior, of a house reconstituted by the creation of large in situ sets, where the rooms are brought to life by the presence of artworks and objects. This thematic presentation raises the fundamental question of the relationship between artists and domestic space and challenges the notion of the decorative in modern and contemporary art.

House of Dreamers extols dreams as a possible answer to living life differently and invites visitors to re-enchant their daily lives with a series of poetic, political, and social messages.