Chino Projects: Fossils
6 – 13 December 2008

Chert gallery is happy to host, in the Chino space, a selection of fossils from the collection of the Natural History Museum in Berlin.

The exhibition presents six exemplars ranging in age from ca. 1,5 Billion years to ca. 360 Million years, coming from different locations throughout the world.

These first images of our reality, who have come to us trough history and geography, hold an aesthetic value together with their scientific importance and a strong symbolic presence.

The exemplars in the exhibition are:

Nr. 1. Collenia sp. Found in China. ca. 1,5 Billion years old.
Nr. 2. Receptaculites sp. Found in Reval/Balticum. ca. 440 Million years old.
Nr. 3. Receptaculites Crassiparies. Found in Poland. ca. 360 Million years old.
Nr. 4. Receptaculites Neptuni. Found in Wuppertal-Eberfeld. ca. 360 Million years old.
Nr. 5. Receptaculites sp. Found in Berlin. ca. 420/440 Million years old.
Nr. 6. Receptaculites sp. Found in South-Est Iowa, USA. ca. 460 Million years old.

We would like to thank Professor Stephan Schultka, head of the department of Paleobotany, at the National History Museum of Humboldt University Berlin, for his kind help and support.

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