Every friend of my friend is my friend (Part 2)
(Group Exhibition)
Norma Mangione Gallery at Chert
5 March – 13 April 2013

With Francesco Barocco, Carol Rama, Michael Bauer , Horst Ademeit, Raphael Danke , Karin Székessy,

Ruth Proctor , Gavin Murphy, Stefanie Popp , Winnifred Birts

We are pleased to announce the exhibition ‘Every Friend of My Friend Is My Friend (Part 2)’ at Chert, Berlin, organised by Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin, as the second part of an exchange, which started in Turin in September (with the two-person show of Carla Scott Fullerton and Jérémie Gindre).

A prerequisite of the project was that the artists represented by the Turin gallery owned at least one work of another artist. So, each artist was asked to select just one piece from their “collection” to be in a dialogue with their own works; the exhibition comprises these pairs, in which the relationships between the two works are visible, revealing a certain influence that is the result of reciprocal affinity, which is also at the core of the gallery exchange.

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