Drinnen und Draussen
(Group Exhibition)
26 June – 21 August 2010

Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Lucy Coggle, Jérémie Gindre, Petrit Halilaj, Karin Hueber, Hannah James, Heike Kabisch, Valerie Krause, Roseline Rannoch, Heiko Räpple, Vanessa Safavi, Carla Scott Fullerton, John Spiteri, Philippe van Wolputte.

The concept of Drinnen & Draussen came from a willing to test the potential of the gallery space and also from the desire of seeing the works of the artists together.
It started as a reflection around a physical space and its possibility, therefore the primary thought is the direction of its architecture and the “constriction” that those existing walls and shapes are giving to our perception.

The show invites 14 artists from various countries including Germany, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mexico and Kosovo. The different works are situated both inside the gallery space and outside of it, using part of the courtyard where Chert and Motto are located. In this way, the attention is moving between the ideas of precariousness and delicacy, creating a different approach to the public in respect of the artwork, focusing on the differences between a traditional gallery context and an extemporaneous placement.

Although the artists have many different practices and interests, some common points and sensibilities are present in the exhibition.
From the different research and sources of inspiration, we can find interests in architecture or architecture´s materials, as well in the function and finalities of architecture expressed in their practice. The idea of travel, research, fragments, notes and documentation is also present in some of their propositions. Another emerging point from the show is an attention to the strong expressive-talkative potentiality of images or sculptures and, on the other hand, a delicate and light aesthetic presence in other pieces.

Presenting just a little glimpse into the complex practices of the participating artists, Drinnen & Draussen has a concept as simple as its title and focuses on the possibility to bring the artists’ viewpoints together and give the opportunity to light up different approaches and result from a common interest.

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