Crying until Laughing
Curated by Johan Gustavsson & Clara Pallí Monguilod | 1646, The Hague
Trafó Gallery, Budapest
17 December 2022 – 2 February 2023

In our fascinating but unfortunately, harsh, and unfair world, it can be difficult to cope with situations or conditions that force us to confront our own and other’s vulnerability. Such situations can be overwhelming or leave us feeling powerless.

The exhibition Crying until laughing brings together artists for whom humour is a catalyst to push beyond normative limitations and our perceived realities. These artists work with topics going from the everyday humdrum to geopolitics, from the simple embarrassment of blushing to the corporate imposed interests in our body and wellbeing, from the overwhelming pressures of social media to the burdens of having to succeed in life. They touch upon complex matters that most of us deal with.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Trafó Gallery and 1646 Experimental Art Space, The Hague.

Photos by David Biro