How the gold got dark! (train to know and consecrate)
cheLA cultural center, Buenos Aires
17 May – 17 August 2013

How was the precious thing transformed into something different (dark)? I went to the verb, to three actions: form, know and consecrate, which according to my vision incorporates a process of restoration to return to a precious state. I focused on looking at the body and in the human figure. Eliminate the metaphor and focus on the figure of the parabola, working with simple elements but with cryptic, mysterious contents. All elements of masonry arranged in space as a political poetry try to tell something about the restoration of the precious: A construction iron forms a parabola, some drawings held by pins look like empty nests or floating muscles, a brick holds a chicken egg next to an open cardboard box divided into eight modules (as in the Greek canon), looking as though it were a mattress lying outside to accomodate a human figure. In the background we can see a bronze plumb line moving as a parabola closing.

–Gabriel Chaile

Gabriel Chaile, “How the gold darkened (form, know and consecrate)”, 2013; Construction iron, egg, brick, borom plumb, parabola, drawings, wood, pins; Dimensions variable

Gabriel Chaile, “Estaban sin forma(se habían ido)”, 2013; Graphite on paper; each 45 x 60 cm