Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World)
Curated by Anselm Franke, Elisa Giuliano, Denise Ryner, Claire Tancons and Zairong Xiang
HKW Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
23 October – 30 December 2022

Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World) talks about commonalities and continuities in cosmologies and origin myths across times and spaces. Only against this background is it possible to rethink the prevailing (self-)narrative of modernity as an historical turning point. Ceremony refers to the work of the Jamaican theorist Sylvia Wynter, for whom the downsides of modernity are closely linked to the transformations from Christian cosmology to a secular discourse of modernity – from dispossession and slavery to extractivism and climate change.

Ceremony brings works of different genres and eras as well as historical documents together with many contributors. The project includes an extensive program of events and a publication.

Photos by Studio Bowie / HKW