Carla Scott Fullerton
Lines and pours
20 June – 18 July 2009

Chert is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Germany of the Scottish artist Carla Scott Fullerton.
For her project “Lines and Pours” the artist focused on the particular internal architecture of Chert gallery and, as usual in her practice, she produced a site-specific project reflecting on the surroundings.

The materials used in her installation “Lath & Lines” 2009, reflect the variety of materials present in the interior space.
Different types of wood, construction laths, cement, painted and unpainted sufraces reference the complexity of the architecture.
The shape of “Lath & Lines” is following the gallery step and peculiarities, allowing the sculpture to “fall” and “fold” on itself, assuming another shape and dimension.
The final construction is a mix of different pieces and shapes collaged together, following the artist´s attraction to forms and materials, free from the intention to reach any pragmatical purpose.
The sculpture evolved in response to the space rather than following previous plans. The result is a constant mediation between materials and space, always changing and transforming untill reaching its final combination.

For the artist, materials are a way to read the status and economies of a building, its usage, contents and age. Structurally speaking, she is interested in the combined usage of old and new materials being used together to make new and more fluid contemporary formations.
Her predilection goes in the direction of heavy industrial elements such as cement and steel. Allowing the materials to take on their own form she contrast the idea of stability, security and functionality we normally associate with them.
Especially with the irregular and unpredictable processes of pouring, the work is deliberately imperfect and free of the expected forms.

In the installation “Lines and Pours” the contrast between the stark material (cement) and more malleable one (the wood) is reflecting once more a reversal to the finality normally associated with the material.

In the outside of the gallery, Carla Scott Fullerton placed the piece “Angular Formless Reflections”, again a result of cement pouring. This time the element she combined it with is mirror, a reference to the usage of this material in contemporary architecture. This heavy and at the same time fragile piece retain in itself as well the contrast of formal and unformal, beeing the mirror and the cement both materials taking a free image and shape according to the place they are positioned or poured.

Finally the collages “Layered Lines I, II and III”, are inspired by the shape of the installation. Their base is the graph paper, the same base of architects´ projects.


Installation view
‘Lath & Lines’, 2009. Wood, paint, cement. Dimensions variable
‘Lath & Lines’, 2009. Wood, paint, cement. Dimensions variable
‘Lath & Lines’, 2009. Wood, paint, cement. Dimensions variable
‘Layered Lines I’, 2009. Collage, cement, ink and paper on graph paper. 42 x 59 cm
‘Layered Lines II’, 2009. Collage, cement, ink and paper on graph paper. 42 x 59 cm
‘Layered Lines III’, 2009. Collage, cement, ink and paper on graph paper. 42 x 59 cm