Braque Award
(Group Exhibition)
Immigrants Museum (Muntref), Buenos Aires
20 March – 25 April 2015

I want to say that this piece could well be a nude; that like poverty, the nude is defined in shame. Because ultimately nudity is a state where the intimate is exposed bestially, without defenses, and from which vulnerability becomes present. Under such a situation, I find in the invention the only possibility of acquiring defenses. Inventiveness becomes an urgent adaptation to a medium. I do not want to be tempted to explain this piece and say why flour, eggs and oil are the beginning of a bread or a landscape, why the bird replaces a propeller or why the destroyed and rebuilt cups are still having use. I want to think and make all this think like a nude. All the elements that I propose can work under the symbolic belief of the faith placed in the materials, a space without energy that tries to generate something from the fantasy of the natural, or the delirium of inventiveness.

– Gabriel Chaile

Gabriel Chaile, “A series of situations (contingency space)”, 2015; Iron, bricks, flour, egg, oil, canaries, fan screen, English tea cups; 400 x 300 x 300 cm