Casa Museo Clemen Parrocchetti
Borgo Adorno Castle, Cantalupo Ligure
Permanent exhibition

The Borgo Adorno Castle rests on a hilltop overlooking the nearly untouched village of Borbera in Piedmont. While the first records about Borgo Adorno, the hamlet that houses the castle, date back to 1176 AD, local historians have traced its origins to the fourth century. At the time, the hamlet was part of a defence line for the late Roman Empire city of Libarna. In 1518 it was inherited by the Adorno family. While the castle was predominantly the administrative headquarters of Adorno feudal properties, around the mid-seventeenth century the family decided to transform it into the estate home we see today. During WWII, Borgo Adorno was used as a field hospital and a partisan garrison. Since then, the castle has survived undisturbed, it maintains its original period architecture, furniture, as well as the most significant collection of works by Clemen Parrocchetti, descendant of the Adorno family and artist who lived and worked there for many years.

Photos by Antonio Maniscalco