Aria, terra, acqua
Curated by Alessandro Oldani and Marina Pugliese
Garden of Triennale di Milano and Darsena, Milan
12 – 26 April 2023

Franco Mazzucchelli has been known since the 1960s for creating inflatable PVC sculptures, often exhibited in urban and natural spaces or on bodies of water, in Italy and abroad. The artist returns to Milan with an intervention titled Aria, terra, acqua, curated by Marina Pugliese and Alessandro Oldani with the collaboration of Gianmarco Cugusi, which includes the installation of two works. In the garden of Triennale Milano, Mazzucchelli intervenes with an installation entitled Aperta parentesi, where two large arches fixed to the ground allude to a round parenthesis, a spatial pause that delimits a selection of the artist’s iconic inflatables. The second installation is Elica, an inflatable sculpture placed on the Darsena dei Navigli.

Phots by Gianluca Di Ioia