Alvaro Urbano
Utopias are for birds
25 August 2012 – Until winter comes

Outdoor exhibition

Until winter comes

Utopia is a non-place, a good-place. Utopia is defined as an idyllic society with a legal system and socio-political ideals, a society living in harmony, between geographical dislocation and intellectual positivism. Many have been and will be, the failed attempts to reach that model.

Utopias are for Birds is based on a collection of utopian projects: architectural ideas that could not be carried out because of financial or constructional unfeasibility, leaving only drawings and diagrams for posterity.

The different birds’ nests are reproductions of drawings by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Archigram, Superstudio, Yona Friedman and others. Placed amongst the architecture of the building where the gallery is located, the works create a path from the street outside to the courtyards.

Alvaro Urbano was born in Madrid in 1983. He studied at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura, Madrid and the Institut für Raumexperimente (UdK) in Berlin.

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