Alrededor de tu piel ato y desato la mía
Julio Artist Run Space, Paris
8 March – 29 April 2023

Alrededor de tu piel ato y desato la mía – (Around your skin I tie and untie mine) – is the mutual decision, the intuition of artists Ángela Jimenez Durán and Sofía Salazar Rosales, that a series of inert bodies, previously touched and transformed, support each other. They impart almost human qualities to the materials they work with, like one who understands that the element responds and generously returns their gesture. Isadora Soares-Belletti, special guest on the day of the opening, will present a video that seeks to establish an interspecies relationship. Elements that will touch and follow each other, establishing an attentive bond between them.

The title of the exhibition is taken from the poem Cantar by Miguel Hernández.

Text by Pily Estrada Lecaro