(Group Exhibition)
Curated by Bassam El Baroni
EVA International, Limerick City
12 April – 6 June 2014

David Horvitz is presenting Evidence of Time Travel,
a new work that was commissioned specially for EVA. The piece was made from March 24 to April 3 in Dublin on residency at IMMA | Irish Museum of Modern Art, and is a continuation of works by Horvitz that explore travel and place, time and its standardization. Upon arriving in Ireland, Horvitz has kept his watch set to the time of California’s time zone (the state he was born in) which is currently eight hours behind Ireland. Using this skewed clock, which is operating autonomously from his immediate surroundings, he schedules his daily routines. A breakfast coffee in the morning enjoyed while it’s the afternoon for everyone else, a lunch while people are having dinner, a dinner while everyone is fast asleep, and an after dinner walk while dawn is breaking and the only ones in the streets are foxes. As his body attempts to adjust to the light of the day and coordinate with his current locality, he consciously resists this temporal and spatial adaptation as he stays on his own time, the time of his birth place, using the clock as his sun. Presented at the exhibition will be photograph and text documents from his experience in Dublin. Horvitz currently lives in Brooklyn, but he is from and was born in Los Angeles.

´Evidence of time travel´, 2014. Slide projection, 81 from 436 slides, alarm clock alarm set on 6 am LA time zone, print out of 66 emails sent from on A4 paper. Dimensions variable
´Evidence of time travel´, 2014. Detail
´Evidence of time travel´, 2014. Detail
´Evidence of time travel´, 2014. Detail
´Evidence of time travel´, 2014. Detail
´Evidence of time travel´, 2014. Detail