abc – art berlin contemporary
Solo presentation with Chert, Berlin
18 – 21 September 2014

For his presentation at abc, Italian artist Andrea Kvas will present a large body of work of the latest years.

As a painter, Kvas creates works that are as much inhabitants of space as they are sculptural paintings.
Interacting with these ‘objects’ is an implicit concept of the work, a notion which involves a hands on approach to touch the work and move it around the space.

For abc, the performative element of the work is enhanced. Throughout the fair, two assistants will continually rearrange the work on show; designing exhibitions and altering presentations. The pieces will be in a constant state of movement: arranging, rearranging, stacking, folding. This is not so much a curatorial endeavor as an interactive illustration as to how the work can be. There is no one way to view the work, and the paintings themselves resist formal, static presentation.

Kvas abc 2014 from chert on Vimeo.

IMG_1591 IMG_1588 IMG_1587 IMG_1586 IMG_1580 IMG_1579 IMG_1578 IMG_1577 IMG_1576 IMG_1575 IMG_1571 IMG_1568 IMG_1567 IMG_1553 IMG_1552 IMG_1548 IMG_1537 IMG_1527 2014-09-17-09.20.53 2014-09-17-09.20.37 2014-09-17-09.20.33-1 2014-09-17-09.20.32-1 2014-09-17-09.20.31-3 2014-09-17-09.20.30 2014-09-17-09.20.28-2 2014-09-17-09.20.27 2014-09-17-09.20.27-2 2014-09-17-09.20.24 2014-09-17-09.20.22-2 2014-09-17-09.20.20 2014-09-17-09.20.20-2 2014-09-14-16.47.51 2014-09-14-16.47.37 2014-09-14-16.46.50