A Clearing in the Forest: Enmeshed, The Tanks at Tate Modern
Curated by Valentine Umansky and Carly Whitefield
Tate Modern, London
16 May – 16 October 2022

Enmeshed expands on the themes of ecology, ancestral ritual and cycles of time explored in A Clearing in the Forest. It centers on the restitution of land rights and preservation of pre-colonial ways of relating to the world around us.

Stephanie Comilang and Simon Speiser’s virtual reality installation Piña, Why is the Sky Blue? connects the matrilineal traditions of Ecuador and the Philippines through an imagined artificial intelligence named Piña. The work is paired with three textile collages composed of 3D-printed pineapple cloth. Together, they propose a techno-feminist future shaped by the preservation of pre-colonial knowledge systems.