Dear gallery public,

Like many, we are deeply shaken by the current situation in Palestine and Israel, horrified by the violence, and troubled by the little space for nuance in public discourse around the ongoing tragedy. We see ChertLüdde as a public and cultural place with a societal responsibility towards conversations that can help learn and understand different experiences and points of views. 

As much as we can reach out, we want to use our voices to speak against the ongoing violence, to express solidarity with the victims in Gaza and Israel, and to join the international community that, like us, feel heartbroken witnessing the huge pain caused by inexcusable brutality and by the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe.
Human rights are non-negotiable.

We join the call for the release of all hostages and a humanitarian pause in the fighting from both sides to minimize further loss of lives and allow aid to reach the people in Gaza, whose lives are in immediate danger and who do not have a chance to escape.

Given the dire conditions on the ground, the link below connects to donations for medical emergencies in the Gaza Strip.

In solidarity,