In 2019, as part of the gallery’s ongoing pursuit of artistic research, ChertLüdde established Bungalow, a space dedicated to hosting projects by emerging artists. Named to recall an open and inviting architecture, Bungalow hosts 4 to 5 exhibitions each year. 

Experimental and autonomous with respect to ChertLüdde’s gallery program, Bungalow presents itself as a platform for visibility while also providing an opportunity to expand on artists’ ongoing research projects, offering long-term communicative support. 

We are grateful to all the exhibiting artists and invite anyone interested in their practices to get in touch with us via: info (at)

Each artist’s page is regularly updated (see artists list at the bottom of this page), with the latest information found on Bungalow’s Instagram profile. 

Be sure to follow @chertluedde_bungalow to stay informed about the latest projects by the exhibiting artists.