Working Title: The Worry Wall, 2017

For Produktion. Made in Germany drei, Fudakowski initiated a large-scale, time-intensive and collaborative work, which reflected the time and nature of artistic production during a period of her residency at the Villa Romana in Florence.

The resulting 14 meter long rattan weave, tracing the inner architecture of her studio space – developed from the individual and solitary work of Fudakowski (a meditation on patience and monotonous, manual concentration) as well as from a turnover of different participants who constituted both welcome help and relief as well as an interruption to the work flow. Fudakowski wove in natural rattan, while the participant used stained black rattan lengths to differentiate between their work and that of the artist. An exception to this rule was made for Fudakowski’s birthday where she organised what she termed a ‘Work/Life Balance Birthday Party (Weaving and Wine)’ and invited guests to weave in specially dyed red rattan strips.

The ‘pattern’ that emerged was therefore determined by certain uncontrollable factors reflecting Fudakowski’s preoccupation with the idea of sculpture as event. Mistakes and loose weaves were not corrected and became part of the fabric of the piece.

During the project, Fudakowski kept notes in a kind of long-book, recording not only the progress of the work in terms of dates, participants, measurements and hours, but also registering the stagnation and frustration that comes from lengthy manual work, the private doubts about the artistic value of the work, the several changes she applied to the work’s title (from ‘Overlapping Lovers’, ‘Worry Wall’ to ‘The Cathedral’), together with records of other activities, such as the phone calls with galleries and curators, the events of the Villa Romana and her own more private experiences.

All images: Installation view at Sprengel Museum Hannover, Hannover, 2017 on occasion of the exhibition Produktion. Made in Germany drei, 2017.

Kasia Fudakowski, Working Title: The Worry Wall, 2017, Rattan, stain, steel, production notes video, Fully rolled out, undetermined high: 500 x 1500 x 10 cm, Unique.