Untitled, 2014

Six glass vases hand-blown from different pieces of sea glass found on beaches around New York, melted together and reformed.
Each approx.: 20 cm

The project consists of a number of hand-blown glass objects. Traveling to numerous beaches in and around New York, Horvitz collected small pieces of smooth, frosted sea glass that had washed ashore. Through difficult to remelt because of the difference in densities and fast congealing when hand-blown, a number of new vessels were made from the many pieces. Bringing the glass back to its original form and function, Horvitz created ordinary objects that, nevertheless, bear the mark of the process that they have gone through and could, in principle, break at any moment because of their inherent tension.

Horvitz is interested in the act of dispersion and the possibility of changing common perceptions and systems by moulding the images or materials shaped by or used to signify time.

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