Slab, 2009

Cement, Iron
246 x 230 x 210 cm
Installation view, Breathless Lines, solo exhibition, Glasgow Sculpture Studios, 2009

A massive pentagonal cement foundation has been upended as if by some unthinkable force. Leaning its burden on a cage of soldered rebar that has been planted its face, it looks somehow both immovable and precarious, no less so because rebar is the notorious worksite-safety deal-breaker. Like most of Carla Scott Fullerton’s sculptures (of which it is among the most recent), this one deploys the materials and tropes of construction to produce a confident however inscrutable form. To borrow Franz Kafka’s description of the enigmatic Odradek in his vignette “The Cares of a Family Man”: “The whole thing looks senseless enough, but in its own way perfectly finished.”

Joanna Fiduccia, November 2009

CSF-sculpt-(Kathryn-Morrison)04 CSF-sculpt-(Kathryn-Morrison)15 CSF-sculpt-(Kathryn-Morrison)17