Real Life is Elsewhere, 2011

Sand installation
Size variable

The desert has this extraordinary potential to evoke fear, anxiety and contemplation. It is both a dead landscape and a huge blank space with the potential to create every imaginable scenario. The small scale sculptures are made of the sand itself, scattered unevenly throughout the space, reminiscent of desert visions like human bones or dried branches, but simultaneously evoking a positive feeling coming from a parallel world.

vanessa_safavi_resorts_MG_5011 vanessa_safavi_resorts_MG_5012 vanessa_safavi_resorts_MG_5013 vanessa_safavi_resorts_MG_5031 vanessa_safavi_resorts_MG_5032 vanessa_safavi_resorts_MG_5060 vanessa_safavi_resorts_MG_5066