My head is a box, 2014

Earthenware jars, sound installation, black plastic bags. Varied dimensions

My Head is a Box is a sculptural sound installation composed of several ancient-looking Anatolian ceramic
jars and black plastic bags, scattered on the floor. Eight speakers play a soundtrack of auto sensory meridian
response (ASMR) sounds, selected and compiled from Youtube and edited by the artist.

ASMR are familiar sounds that are characterized by auditory sensations, more crudely known as “brain
orgasms”. The most popular ASMR is the “whispering” sound, which has hundreds of thousands of
followers online. The ASMR emergence can be understood as a reaction to the lack of soothing affects in
urban environments, which fosters an urge to reconnect with the subconscious mind. The artist believes that
these intimate sounds replace those of nature in today’s world, and have been assimilated as familiar in
digital communities.

The jar has become a symbol of cultures past; an object serving rudimentary and basic needs and uses. As an
attempt to create an archetype for these two paradoxic sources, Safavi combines ASMR with basic sounds,
using empty soda cans, liquids, peanut butter and sand. Her instruments reference consumption and
incorporate elements contained in jars; mixing historical and artificial anecdotes. In combining different
temporal and material sources she creates a collage which questions the aesthetic of the fake and the
authentic. She is concerned with an equal distance between the preservation of ancient cultures and the
promise of a limitless and immaterial future.

My Head is a Box proposes a poetic analogy to look at history and evolution through the culture of digital