For how much longer must we improvise?, 2011

Steel, aluminium, gloss paint, printed window foil
225 x 345 x 10 cm

Kasia Fudakowski’s series entitled For how much longer must we improvise?, comprises of three different gate/grate sculptures. Her work reflects the amateurish delight – as well as necessity – of combining the decorative with available resources. Inspired by country and suburban gates created specifically in Poland, (though seen throughout the world), Fudakowski uses basic materials such as rebar and sheet metal off-cuts. These works map the space they must defend with as much ornament, creative flare and joy in spontaneous design, as is possible within such limits. However, within this ‘folksy’ joy lurks the question: For how much longer must we improvise?, reflecting a more wiry, disenchanted attitude towards the make-shift and the home-made.