Mecarõ. Amazonia in the Petitgas Collection is the first institutional presentation of Catherine Petitgas’ collection. A significant figure in the recognition of contemporary Latin American art in Europe, she has been collecting works for over twenty years. Her collection today consists of more than 900 works. The exhibition presented at the Hôtel des collections unites a selection of more than 100 from over 50 artists from the Amazonian basin. The exhibition, whose its title means “ the spirit of the forest ” in the Krahô language, emphasizes the relationship between these artists from this territory and their socio-economical and mental environment.

In part destroyed by the fires in Summer 2019, the Amazon covers 6.7 million km². It is a natural region and an ecosystem spanning across nine countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Surinam, Guiana and French Guiana), recognized for its hydrographic basin, its tropical forest and the richness of its biodiversity. How can the members of this ecosystem, humans and non-humans, help us imagine a future society and divert the course of globalization? How do we definean artistic environment from existing conditions and behaviour of the living beings that inhabit it?

All photos by Marc Domage

Installation view, “Mecarõ. Amazonia in the Petitgas Collection”, MO.CO. Hôtel des collections, 2020